We help the service industry professionals and entrepreneurs

Achieve exponential growth, attract high-ticket clients, increase their profit by over 63% and become leaders in their field.

How to make $100k increased income in 6 months as service industry experts who want to attract high-ticket clients, grow and scale their business to become industry leaders.

unlock the potential of Your Business.

Master the Art of Your Business to generate exponential Profit, have Time to do the things you Love and afford to Live the Lifestyle You Choose.

We bring Mindset, Strategy and Action together Holistically for business owners in the Service Industry.


Are you looking to:

  • Create a business that works for you, rather than you working for your business.
  • Generate exponential profit & financial rewards that allow you to live enjoy the lifestyle you choose.
  • Create an outstanding Client Experience that attracts your Niche Clients.
  • Attract & Retain Loyal Team Members.
  • Create easy to follow daily systems & procedures for your business.

Find out how our solutions can help you grow and scale your business too:

At FOCUS, we can help you achieve your business & life goals.

Our core fundamentals are Define, Align, & Prosper.


Define your purpose


Align with your goals


Rediscover your passion & Prosper

These guiding principles focus on solution based thinking, committing yourself to using your knowledge and time effectively.

We are 100% committed to our clients’ success and we work with clients who are as committed to their own success as we are.

Would you like to find out what’s possible for you and your business?

To Grow and Scale your business

‘If you always do as you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.’

Henry Ford

We can help you grow and scale your business to live the life you choose.

We will work alongside you to provide perspective, strategy & support during your journey.

The sole responsibility for change comes from within Oneself… Successful change is self-officiated & self-maintained, it’s commitment to your own success.

We help our clients transform their dreams into reality & we can show you how too.


Knowing when you need help



If you know you need to take action… take step 2 and book your insight call to find out how we can help you too!

Our Promise & Core Values




Transparency   Integrity   Accountability

If we believe we cannot help your business, we will communicate that without hesitation or reservation.

We believe in accountability, even if it is uncomfortable at times.

Your success is the only outcome acceptable to us.

You set the destination, we assist you in navigating your journey.

We believe in equipping you with the knowledge & perspective to overcome any unforeseen challenges.

Challenges are unexpected Opportunities to grow.

Who we help…

FOCUS has packages & programs to suit all businesses.

Big Corporations to Small Go-Getters & Start-up Vision Seekers.

We also offer Front of House, Customer Relationship Building, Team Communication & Management Training.

Success Stories & Client Testimonials

our Founders

Adrienne Varga

Vision Leader & Founder

Jodie Fielden

Conceptual Strategist & Co-Founder

Acknowledgement of Country.


We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands on which we work and pay our respects to Indigenous Elders past, present and emerging. Sovereignty has never been ceded. It always was and always will be, Aboriginal land.

We recognise the past atrocities against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of this land and that Australia was founded on the genocide and dispossession of First Nations people. We acknowledge that colonial structures and policies remain in place today and recognise the ongoing struggles of First Nations people in dismantling those structures. The struggle to seek justice, to remember and address this nation’s past is ongoing and is a necessary requirement for individual and collective healing process.

We support the Uluru Statement from the Heart to achieve justice, recognition and respect for First Nations people and a referendum to enshrine a First Nations Voice in the Constitution. We accept the invitation contained in the Statement to walk together with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in a movement of the Australian people for a better future.